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  Brand new model Kym' plays the cool 40s dame in a sloppy "Sam Spade" tribute. She has been hounded by a stalker and only private dick Sam Splatt can help her- with pies!
 Then itís Kymís turn to play the thief in our popular recurring sketch. She is a part-time model and a full-time thief. After drinking her rivalís tainted wine and passing out face first into a cake, she awakens fully naked. Sheís then tickled as part of her interrogation. Of course that does not make her crack so she is pelted with shaving cream pies from head to toe.
 Finally, Kym spends her birthday with her imaginary friend. He likes to push her face into cakes and throw pies at her!

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All volumes are approximately 30 minutes long. DVDs cost $15.00 each, including DOMESTIC postage. See details below!


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