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: Three great scenes here with 2 fresh faced honest “amateurs”. True story: Bobbi works at the bakery where we get our pies for the videos. She asked me, “What do you do with all those pies?" We had her and friend Lois come over, and ran them though the PFG paces! First it’s “HONEY BUNNY CEREAL SPOT." The girls play models doing a cereal commercial. They get pied well and then go after each other.
Next it’s “THE NURSE AND THE MILK MAID." In this unbelievably goofy scene, Bobbi is a milk maid who goes to the doctor. She encounters Lois, the nurse. Lois says she has the cure for what ails Bobbi -being bound and tickled. When Bobbi does not like her prescription, the nurse recommends pies in the face delivered by her assistant Bruno. Bobbi knocks Lois unconscious and gives her a dose of her own medicine, with Brunos help. Then the girls start pieing and playing with each other in the mess. Finally it’s “IDIOT CHICKS QUIZ." Bobbi and Lois returned for a third scene and Bobbi finally gets pied by REAL pies from the bakery located in the grocery where she works! The girls play two moronic chicks who have wrangled their way onto a game show. After being repeatedly pied by the host, things derail and they start pieing each other without the host. These two amateur hotties go through about 50 massive cream pies…all the while prancing around in bikinis! These two are real girlfriends and the fun comes through.

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